Thursday, February 01, 2007

Hot Hot Hot

It's been a tad hot over here in the West. According to the Bureau of Meteorology last Thursday was 38.8 degrees, Friday was 41.2, Saturday was 40.9 and Sunday was 41.6. Monday, as it turned out, was a rather cool 34.8 degrees. What we need to be wary of is the fact that February is the hottest month.

On the Friday, which was Australia Day, the boy and I went to the Perth foreshore to watch the fireworks. They were nearly called off because of the heat and a strong, warm easterly wind. It wasn't a bad show and still quite warm at 9 o'clock but I felt that mother nature put on a better show in the form of lightning. During the presentation they asked everyone in South Perth to wave their torches or mobile phones with lights on. Then they announced that it was the turn of people in Kings Park to do so. At that moment a large bolt of lightning struck directly behind Kings Park. They couldn't have timed it better for effects than that.

One thing that struck me as funny about the Australia Day fireworks was the fact that we were one of the few English speakers in the area that we sat down. I thought to myself "These people are all freeloaders enjoying the free fireworks display. They'll make decent Aussies."

When the fireworks were over we wandered off to the bus station. Then the fireworks started up again. Strange that. Found out on the news the next day that three of the barges on the river used to launch the fireworks caught on fire during the show. That explained it.

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honkeie2 said...

hot????? tits freakin freezing here in USA, NJ