Monday, February 19, 2007

Ralph Fiennes - The Mile High Method Actor

Dustin Hoffman was a great method actor. For the movie Rainman he studied autistic people so that he could act as one accordingly. Ralph Fiennes appears to have taken method acting one step too far. What upcoming movie does he have planned that involves joining the mile high club?

The story about Ralph Fiennes is intriguing, to say the least, and has a better storyline than a Hollywood blockbuster.

First of all we had a Qantas flight attendant saying that she was followed into the toilet by an amourous Mr Fiennes. The attention was unwanted and eventually she convinced him to leave. Qantas had suspended the flight attendant and she claimed to be innocent.

Next we hear that they went to the toilet together, loosened a few clothes, and spent some minutes together. It may have been a few seconds, I don't know. Fiennes did star in the English Patient, not the Patient Englishman.

The last bit of the story goes along the lines of, according to an interview that the hostie gave to a UK tabloid, was that they spent lots of time together in a crew seat, she positively dragged him to the toilet, they had unprotected sex, which was rather ironic seeing as he was on a trip to India to attend a conference and speak about HIV and unprotected sex (what did I tell you about method acting) and whilst in India he rings her up and invites her over to his hotel for quite a bit of protected sex. Very intriguing.

After this Mr Fiennes' people declared that this Robertson woman, the flight attendant, an ex-cop who left the force suffering from stress after 14 years, was a sexual predator. It takes two to tango if I recall.

Mind you, if you are going to give a speech on unprotected sex wouldn't you appear to be more credible if you had studied your chosen subject somewhat? Somehow I don't think that he is going to be crucified for this. It's all a juicy bit of gossip.

Robertson has been sacked by Qantas.


Anonymous said...

Did you ever see the movie, The English Patient? I thought it was a dreary movie, and could not get into it at all. It did not make sense. As for the lifestyle of the rich and famous, Hmmm?

Hammy said...

Yes, I was forced to watch that dreary movie. And I didn't see the point of it either.