Sunday, February 04, 2007

Taekwondo Demonstration

Yesterday the Korean-language school restarted. After the lessons there was a Taekwondo demonstration and I believe that the students were Korean. Their English was very limited. I have a few videos but watch the fingers of the guy in the video below.


honkeie2 said...

I have great respect for the martial arts and would never poke fun of it, but the boards dont impress me anymore. I took several classes and had to break them to move up in belt class(aka more money for more lessons) and the boards......well I would not even call them boards. I tried the same thing with a real piece of wood and thought I broke my hand along with the wood. Show me a guy buying cinder blocks and wood from a hardware store and going home to break them.....then you will have my attention.
But love the video and the last board break with the fingers was nice......i dont think i will be trying that one anytime soon lol

Hammy said...

Yu-Jin collected a few boards and they appear to be balsa. And just for effect they had little firecrackers joined to them so that there was a loud "crack" when they were broken. Bricks may have been a bit much to expect.

grace said...

hi there, i came across your blog while trying to search for a korean class in perth. it's well night impossible! may i know the name of the one you're attending?

Hammy said...

Grace - are you after a Korean language school? If so, I can put you in touch with one. Or taekwondo?

grace said...

Yes, Korean language, please. That would be really great!

Hammy said...


Korean Association of WA Language School
4 Kilkenny Circle
Waterford, WA 6152
Phone/Fax: 08 9450 6087

They meet at Kent Street Senior High School on Saturday mornings at 9:30 during the school periods, i.e. not during school holidays.