Thursday, February 22, 2007

Me And My Big Mouth

I had just gone through last month's credit card statement and declared that "We did very well last month and didn't spend a lot of money." That was enough.

First thing this morning my computer died. Whilst checking emails and surfing the net it just froze. Ctrl+Alt+Del didn't activate the Task Manager. Soft reboot called for. Didn't boot up. It failed to see the primary hard drive. Oooh. I've been down this path before and it hurts.

Then my bus was late. And a number of people who took forever to get change ready for the driver decided to ride the bus today. I was marginally late arriving at work. As I got out of my seat my mobile dropped on the floor.

Not the best start to a day. And one that filled me full of dread. Luckily the day at work ran reasonably smoothly. At least as smoothly as my job can run. I checked out the computer shops for Windows Vista, in case I needed a new OS, and for hard drives. Could pick up a Seagate 250GB for A$96 which is good value. Computer looked in bad enough shape to warrant these purchases.

Came home and Miky wasn't in a good mood. She'd had a bad day at work and we all found out about it. I think she needs to get a new job.

With some trepidation after tea I tried the computer. Lo and behold it works. Fingers crossed. The guy I enquired about the aforementioned purchases said that it sounds like a power supply problem. My hard drive stops every now and again. I've already had to re-install Windows once on this hard drive. A painful exercise, believe you me. Is this a hint that I should do some backing up?


Anonymous said...

Thrilled to know that your PC is 'up and running' again. Hope it lasts!

Hammy said...

Mabe I shouldn't speak too soon. The computer shut down again this morning. Time to start backing up.

tmz_99 said...

don't inflict vista upon yourself, apart from being buggy the recommended amount of RAM for it atm is 4gb... wait a year, let them get the bugs out (well... the most obvious ones) and then think about upgrading to it.