Sunday, February 25, 2007

Shall We Have Indian Tonight, Dear?

On Friday a few of us from work went down to the wharf to see one of our machines being loaded onto a ship. The machinery is called a shiploader and it comes with a tripper. The beastie weighs close to 800 tonnes so you require some heavy duty cranes to lift it onboard.

Shiploader being loaded onto a ship.


The tripper.

A couple of the guys started talking about an Indian restaurant, in Canning Vale, near where they live. It was given the ok by both of them so I thought that we might try it out. Miky and I both work long and hard so we usually go out for a meal once or twice on a weekend. I got directions to the place but not the name or phone number. Tried to look it up online but didn't find it.

The restaurant is located about 15 kms from our house and it was half past seven by the time we arrived. There was a restaurant in the complex we parked at with some Indian food on the menu but it seemed to be mainly Indonesian and Thai. I asked a woman who was walking her dog, obviously a local, if this was the restaurant and she said yes. We went in and found out that it was booked out. Bummer.

It's at this stage the Miky normally bursts a blood vessel. Apart from getting mildly upset the blood vessels stayed intact. I was a bit surprised. We headed back to Victoria Park to try out Senoji, a Japanese restaurant. The food was very nice. For our meal we had prawn tempura sushi, which could quickly become my favourite dish, wakame udon (seaweed with udon noodles) and chicken katsu curry. I tried hard to convince Yu-Jin that the Katsu was a small furry animal that we would be eating.

Bought a couple of drinks (shock, horror!) and I was pleasantly suprised to be served an iced lemon tea in the form of tea that was iced and not something out of a bottle.

Ironically, Senoji is opposite an Indian restaurant. We went all that way for Indian food and then didn't bother having any. I think we'll revisit the restaurant as the food was delicious and it wasn't too expensive. And they have room to sit without booking on a Saturday night.

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