Saturday, February 10, 2007

School Fun Night 2007

Friday night was the school's fun night. If you got there late enough you managed to miss the boring-as-batshit address from the dopey-as-$%^& headmaster. But that's another story.

Last year Yu-Jin lined up for face painting for ages and just missed out. Then he lined up for rock climbing and they closed just before he could have a turn. This year they had daylight savings and Miky went before I left work. I met them later and Yu-Jin got his face painted, attempted the rock climbing and had a couple of rides in the cars. The kids are better drivers than most of those on Perth's road although there were a few bingles.

Whilst waiting in line Yu-Jin was talking about his friend Luke and the woman standing in line with her son in front of us turned around and asked Yu-Jin if he was in year one. "Yes", came the response. The truth is he is in the mixed year 1/2 class. This woman was so excited to meet another parent she shook my hand and introduced herself. I asked Yu-Jin if there were two Lukes in the class and he said no. Then the truth came to light. I thought that it was really nice of the lady to introduce herself and not act light one of the all too snooty parents that the school seems to attract.

Cars for junior people.

Metal Man.

Metal Man 2.

Kids enjoying rock climbing.

Metal Man attempting to rock climb.


honkeie2 said...

Love the face paint! And rock climbing is alot harder than it looks lol

Hammy said...

He was so disappointed to have to wash his face that night. It looked fantastic.