Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Night At The Museum - Movie

What to do on a Sunday. I was hoping that there would be a movie to watch in the city and Night At The Museum was screening. The trailer was of interest and I know that Yu-Jin wanted to watch the movie as I did. As luck would have it it was screening at an appropriate time.

We all journeyed to the city, on a stinking hot and humid day, and went to the theatre. A few minutes after the movie had started a couple of elderly English women came in and sat down behind us. One of them had a crutch and the "clop, clop, clop" behind me was a bit annoying. But the fact that they talked incessantly with bits like, "Oh, that's Robin Williams" and "He's playing like a dog" to the most obvious things really annoyed me. "And your subject on Mastermind is 'Stating the bloody obvious'". Gosh they were annoying.

The movie was great. At times the theatre was full of laughter even though maybe only two dozen people were there. We really enjoyed it. Great family movie.

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