Monday, September 04, 2006

Spring Is In The Air And A Young Man's Thoughts Turn To ...

Cricket. Yes, training has started locally and the search for new players has begun. Not that I'm thinking of taking it up again or anything. I'm starting to salivate at the prospect of watching Australia take on the Poms in the upcoming Ashes tournament. It was a glorious sun-filled weekend.

Saturday wa quite busy. Yu-Jin had Korean school in the morning so the missus and I went on the hunt for some pantry doors and a front door for when our sunroom finally gets installed. Found a good shop and got ourselves a quotation of nearly $1200. Wow. Stopped at McDonalds to have a drink, choco frappe was nice, before collecting the boy. Home for lunch and a kick of the footy before heading off for taekwondo. I did a bit of shopping whilst he has busy and there was some salmon on special. Unfortunately there was a problem with the scales and so any markdowns had to be hand written. The girl wrote $19.11 instead of the $9.11 that it should have been. I soon put her straight.

Yu-Jin was knackered by the time he arrived home and just wanted a sleep. I walked to the shops and looked for a lamp for Miky's sewing machine. When I asked the shop assistant at Lincraft for a lamp for a sewing machine she took me to a section with external lamps with flourescent tubes. Then I explained the requirement for a light globe to mount in the sewing machine. "I thought that you said you wanted a lamp," was her response. My reply of, "A globe is a graphical representation of the Earth," went over her head like a B52.

Saturday night we ventured to Tiamo Cafe Restaurant in Nedlands. One of Miky's workmates had said it was a nice place to eat. When I made the booking at lunchtime for 6:30 and got a table with no hassle she was disappointed. Huh? Well, if it was easy to get a spot it can't be that good or popular. The furniture could do with some upgrading but the service was fine. One of the waitresses appeared to be working for the first time and she duly instructed us later that that was the case. Quite a nice meal. At the same moment as I was paying the bill the place suddenly filled with people and you couldn't hear yourself think. The manager confirmed that it was fully booked. I'm so glad that we made any early booking.

As we were leaving the restaurant a camera crew arrived on the doorstep and started filming. Some guy road up, in the dark, with his foldable bike and a backpack before entering the restaurant followed by the camera crew. Very strange but it was too cold to stand outside and watch. What was that all about?


James said...

Good to see that you remembered something from our old TAFE days, Hammy. And you are right, they are lamps.

Love Kpop said...

I know there will be many difficulties and challenges but I am determined to do it. If it does not succeed then it will be a lesson for me as well