Tuesday, December 04, 2012

World's Most Persistent Telemarketer?

Interesting encounter with a telemarketer last night. The Boy answered the phone as I was doing the dishes. He knew that it was an Indian telemarketer by the delay he experienced in the call and handed the phone to me. I greeted him in Hindi with "Namaste." "Mr Frugal Bastard?" "Speaking." "My name is Michael and I'm calling from Craftmatic Adjustable Beds (I think). You've been chosen for a free in-home demonstration." "Why?" "I'm sorry?" "Why do you think I need one?" "I'm sorry?" "Why do you think I need an adjustable bed?" "No, we're not giving you one." "Stop wasting your time, my time and your money, Michael." "I'm sorry?" "Seeing as you're having such difficulty in hearing properly does this sound like the sound of a phone hanging up?". Click! He rang back seconds later and said nothing. He rang again. I belched loudly. He rang again. I greeted him with, "City Morgue." "Goodbye," was his response. "Yes, goodbye." He rang again and was greeted with, "Loony Bin." "Goodbye," he said again. "Yes, really goodbye this time. Bye Michael." Give the man an award for being the world's most persistent telemarketer. At least for this week.

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Iris Flavia said...

Amazing... truly.