Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 Holiday To London-NYC-Niagara - Day Eighteen

Unsurprisingly we had a bit of a sleep in this morning. The missus suggested visiting the 911 Memorial at the WTC. Booked tickets online, which you were supposed to do, for the 12pm viewing. Got down there by subway and finally found the visitor centre where we could print off our tickets. Very few people, in fact, did this. Most just visited and applied for tickets at the door, so to speak.

Talk about a queue just to get to the screening point. Then some jerk, in front of me failed to remove his wallet, suspenders, coins, tobacco tin who knows what else despite the signs, in English, that clearly told you to do so. He was a local.

The 911 Memorial is quite a sombre place, but huge, and a fitting tribute to those who died. Interesting place to visit.

Went to Spring Street in Soho for something to eat after doing quite a bit of shopping at Forever 21. Made the age old mistake of looking for food in a place I was unfamiliar with with a woman who was hungry, tired, thirsty and otherwise annoyed. The I bought here a coffee which she didn't enjoy. FML.

The Boy and I went home whilst the missus continued to shop. We went via Grand Central Terminal and did some shopping at Food Emporium before having a short rest. Had to meet the missus back at Spring Street by 5:30 so that I could give her the apartment key as we only had one copy and The Boy and I were headed to the Yankees game.

Yankee Stadium is situated on 161st Street in the Bronx. Even an express train, which we caught, takes half an hour from central Manhattan.

Bought a couple of hot dogs for $2 ea outside the ground. Water was only $1 for a bottle. Some guy was yelling out that we shouldn't be paying $5 for water inside the stadium. Needed to get directions a couple of times to find where to collect our tickets then get searched prior to entry. Already opened drink containers had to be thrown away.

Our seats were up on the 4th level. Paid $4 for a packet of Doritos, $5.50 for a Hebrew National Hot Dog (same as outside the ground), $5 for a bottle of water then $9 for a Brooklyn Cheeseburger - meat patty with cheese and bun! Beer inside the ground from the vendors was $9.50 - glad I don't drink. Funny to pass somebody's money and ID over towards a vendor, pass the booze, ID and then the change back.

Sat next to Pete, late 50s, and his son who was 30. Pete has been to 10~12 Yankee home games and knows his ball. I peppered him with questions all night and couldn't stump him. He lives an hour away in Connecticut. There was an Aussie from Canberra sitting in the row behind me.

Great game - plenty of home runs and the Yankees beat the Boston Red Sox 14-2 and took out the American League East division championship also. Even the though the game started at 7:05 and finished at the top of the 9th we didn't leave until 11pm.

Upon leaving Grand Central we caught the last bus cross town at midnight. Boy, was The Boy tired when we got home. He slept all the way back on the subway.

Foggy all day in NYC.

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