Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 Holiday To London-NYC-Niagara - Day Nineteen

Another late start to the day. Decided to visit MoMA. Walked all the way down to Broadway until we reached Macy's then went shopping at Old Navy. Picked up a few bargains. Had lunch at Pizza Hut. Then shopped at Macy's and the missus was actually treated well regarding her purchase and received the Macy member's discount on an item. By the time we finished it was 2:30 and too late to visit MoMA.

Went home for a rest. Later caught the subway to Brooklyn to visit Grimaldi's for pizza. Large queue, all of 8~10 people, which wasn't what we had expected. It was raining though. Service was quick, pizza was huge and tasty, Brooklyn root beer and ginger ale were nice and the desserts were great. Had no trouble leaving a tip at this restaurant. The place wasn't busy when we arrived but was getting so, and very loud, by the time we finished. Great meal which everyone enjoyed - and not expensive.

Walked down to the nearby park by the pier to look at the setting sun, under the rain, and the Manhattan skyline.

Took about 30~35 mins to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge back to Manhattan and caught the subway up to Grand Central for a look around. Got our crosstown bus and did some shopping.

Not a hugely busy day but enjoyable just the same. Probably needed that.

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