Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Holiday To London-NYC-Niagara - Day Twenty Four

The missus decided to go to Chelsea Market this morning. The Boy and I walked past the USS Intrepid and USS Michael Murphy. Noticed the Falun Gong protesters again and finally realised why they were there - they were opposite the consulate of the PRC. We played a total of five games of pool in the sky lounge and The Boy beat me 3-2.

I decided to make a last ditch effort to photograph some of the crazier people in Times Square - topless female guitarist, red Indian and guitarist walking around in undies. Didn't see any of those particular performers. Picked up a free pizza slice from Sbarro which was doing a promotion. Stopped by the Majestic Theater again and then Papaya Dog for a hot dog, french fries and cheese fries.

By the time I arrived at the apartment the new people had arrived. We left at 2:30pm. The missus said that there was an escalator at 7th Ave, for our luggage, although the subway we needed was at 8th Ave. We were one of the first on the bus therefore didn't have much trouble stowing our luggage. Got off at 7th Ave - escalators not working. Heavy bags meant I had to carry both bags down. More stairs to negotiate also. Then we had to walk to 8th Ave anyway. And then negotiate more stairs.

Express train to the airport. Bit of an issue with the seating arrangements. Got in line for security check and realised that they hadn't provided the missus' boarding pass for LA to Sydney. I had to return to the desk to have them print another one. Pretty busy checking in so good thing that we arrived early.

The best part about arriving early is when your flight is delayed because you get to wait at the airport for longer. Strange shopping area as not many prices were marked and they were quite rude when serving you anyway. Left some 20~25 mins late.

Sat next to Mark, an interior designer from Sydney, for the flight to LA. Arrived late and left about 25 mins late. Same plane for the Sydney leg. Sat next to Nancy, a retired 5th grade teacher from Albany, NY, who had done a teacher exchange many years ago. She is a well-travelled lady and was great to talk to. Our family was seated in three different rows so the missus managed a swap so that she could sit next to The Boy. The guy who she swapped with seemed to enjoy chatting with the blonde next to him - both parties probably happy with the deal.

At least half an hour late into Sydney. Luckily I asked a Customs official about the bags because I had asked them to be checked through to Perth. He said that is what was supposed to happen in theory but doesn't actually work. The missus didn't have time to collect her luggage or she would miss her flight. Nearly got in trouble with another Customs or Immigration official for trying to talk with her as she had already passed through immigration and I hadn't. Good thing I grabbed her bag as it was, obviously, one of the last off. Had chocolates and wood to declare and the sniffer dog from Quarantine found the chocs. No probs - and then the missus was waiting for us outside the exit! She had missed her flight, or at least wouldn't have made it, so they changed the flight for her.

Took the luggage to the transfer area - the missus raced ahead without us even though I asked her to wait until I had gotten my boarding pass out. The Boy and I were ushered into a different check-in station, with a shorter processing time most likely due to our flight being earlier, and so I had to drop her baggage off for her. She seemed quite annoyed but said later it wasn't about that.

Waited in the transfer lounge for a bus to drive us to the other terminal. The missus took the next bus. Short wait in Sydney - not much to buy. Quick trip to Melb for The Boy and myself (missus took a direct flight to Perth) - reasonably uneventful. Whilst waiting for the next flight in Melbourne we grabbed a burger meal.

So endeth some 39 hours of slight hell returning from NYC.

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