Wednesday, December 26, 2012

2012 Holiday To London-NYC-Niagara - Day Thirteen

Whilst having breakfast the rain came in and it made the skyline disappear. Spotted my first nude person in the apartments opposite - it's only taken a day and a half.

Out and about around 10am. It was still raining. Not pleasant. Became quite heavy just before the bus arrived. Got to the subway station OK and caught an A train. Unfortunately it was an express and not the local and so we ended up at 125th St instead of 81st St as planned. Not ideal. My fault. Was a little surprised that the subway exit had an entrance to the American Museum of Natural History. Two lines for tickets with a very loud security guard, a woman, barking at people. Some wimpy, useless schmuck from the museum's staff, whom I asked about the New York City Pass, gave me a bum steer and so we waited in line longer than necessary. Finally obtained our tickets around 11:15. Just in time for the movie about stars - not bad. And I learnt a few things.

Decided to take a 12:15 guided tour with Karl Zydney. So glad that we did - it was very informative and gave us a quick look around the museum at the major points - stuff you wouldn't hear about otherwise, as well. It lasted nearly an hour and a half meaning it was time to buy an extremely overpriced lunch from the food court at the lower level. We spent nearly 50 bucks on not much - without drinks!

After lunch went to have a closer look at some of the exhibits that we have passed by briefly beforehand only to find that they had inexplicably been closed. Areas we saw included - Theodore Roosevelt Rotunda, Akeley Hall of African Mammals, Hall of Biodiversity, Milstein Hall of Ocean Life, North American Forests, Grand Gallery (65ft native American canoe), Northwest Coast Indians, Spitzer Hall of Human Origins, Ross Hall of Meteorites, Guggenheim Hall of Minerals, Mexico and Central America, South American Peoples, Vertebrate Origins, Cullman Hall of the Universe and Saurischian Dinosaurs. Still so much to see and we left just before 5pm. Took a walk down Columbus Ave to look at the shops. As soon as we caught a bus it started pelting down. Not for long though.

A day well spent - the displays within the museum are brilliant although there isn't as much hands-on for the kids as the museums in Britain offer. Made spaghetti bolognese for dinner.

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