Saturday, December 08, 2012

2012 Holiday To London-NYC-Niagara - Day Six

Brekkie. Booked tickets for the London Eye and a Thames River cruise. The Boy and I also grabbed tickets for the London Dungeon.

Got a quick trip down to Bank station so that we could walk across the bridge. Wandered about and the missus bought a calendar. Didn't have time for the Eye prior to our cruise so had some time to kill. There was an interesting Michael Jackson impersonator out the front of the Jubilee Gardens. The cruise was very informative and a wee bit cold. The London Eye offered fantastic views of the city, especially Westminster.

The missus wanted to have lunch in Soho, sushi, and then go shopping. Pity that she had very little idea of where the shop was located and we walked for absolutely ages with tempers frayed. Didn't end up buying much anyway when we finally found the shops. The Boy and I waited for a long time, too long, after lunch for a bus which, when we eventually got on, moved too slowly so we had to catch the tube to Bank for the dungeon. Quite confusing exiting Bank, finally found the river, crossed London Bridge, got lost again (because the street name wasn't the same as on the map) and asked for directions from a guy whose wife is Australian. Embarrassingly we could see our destination from where we were standing.

The London Dungeon is a fantastic tourist attraction. Great stories, props, actors, rides and gore. Disgusting in fact. We really enjoyed our hour and a half there. Even the toilets were properly themed. Unfortunately there wasn't anything suitable to purchase in the gift shop - too much gore to find a place in our house.

The London Bridge underground station was quite difficult to locate so some extra walking was included. Got home about 6:45 so went our for some dinner around seven o'clock. The shop I wanted to purchase from, Eat, was closed so we bought a takeaway pizza instead. After dinner the missus and I went for a walk. There was light rain and so umbrellas got their first usage. Being a Friday night the pubs were very busy - so busy that all of the available standing room under the awnings was taken. Quite a sight. Surroundings were very pleasant in the rain.

Spoke to Martin about visiting this weekend and then spoke to my Auntie for an hour until very late in the evening. Thought about catching a train and meeting her in Chester but that was going to be difficult to add to the itinerary.

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