Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Holiday To London-NYC-Niagara - Day Twenty Three

Columbus Day - public holiday. Really? With supposedly all of the shops closed we were prepared for a day when not much could be done. Even asked at the grocery store last night if they were going to be open. The checkout lady said yes but she didn't even know what time the shop opened. Found that a lot with staff in NY - just there doing their job and not caring about the job.

The Boy and I attended the Columbus Day Parade on Fifth Ave which commenced at 11:30. Pity we were situated between 46th and 47th streets as all of the floats entered from 47th St. The parade was meant to start on 44th St so I thought that we had a good spot.

Saw General Raymond T. Odierno who is current Chief of Staff for the US Army, Miss USA, Miss New York, Senator Schumer, few Italian sports cars and a number of marching bands. Some 35,000 people took par, mostly Italian descendants, and I think it was just an excuse for them not to attend work/school. I saw people texting, talking on phones, chewing gum, etc who obviously didn't seem to want to be there.

Strange thing about the parade - not all of the streets were closed down so the parade stopped quite frequently. Kids weren't allowed to stand on the fences surrounding the trees. There was one older lady next to me saying, "Yay" all the time and, "Yay Newark Police. You're the best coz I know what you go through," and "I met you 20 years ago" to a TV star (Diane of All The Children?) loud enough for us to hear but not the star herself. Just wanted to be heard, I guess.

And guess what? Life in the rest of the city was absolutely normal. Well, as normal as NYC gets anyway. Certainly not the public holiday that we were led to believe. Stopped at Papaya Dog for lunch - Philly Cheese steak, fries and drink, cheeseburger with fries and drink and a knishes. Great tasting food for $12 (including tax!)

Got back to the apartment at 1:30, we didn't stay until the conclusion of the parade, and had our lunch. Had a bit of a rest and decided to head to Roosevelt Island. The missus mentioned that the cable car was free with our NY City Pass but I forgot to bring it. Two bus stops into our ride it began to rain. We didn't have umbrellas either. I was to return for the tickets and umbrellas and meet at 3:30 which was 35 mins later. Walked back from Times Square to the apartment and returned - 30 mins round trip. Whilst I was gone the missus found the Hersheys store which had well priced chocolates.

Couple of buses later and we were on 60th St 3rd Ave which was only one avenue away from the cable car. Lo and behold our Metro card was sufficient and my trip wasn't require. Surprise, surprise. Pleasant little ride to the island. Walked around and saw the Blackwell House. Quite new apartments - must be a reasonably nice and quiet place to live.

Growing to like New York. Can't believe that we are leaving tomorrow. Feel like we're just getting used to everything. Caught another bus down 2nd Ave to 34th St. Then the validation process for the Metro card changed, ticket machine was at the bus stop, so we didn't bother validating the ticket. Walked down to 32nd St, start of Korea Town, to look for food. Ate at Woorijip, literally "Our house", and the food was not bad and quite cheap. Nice to have a familiar meal that wasn't dripping with grease.

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