Sunday, July 11, 2010

Frugal Bastard Presents - More Piano From The Boy

The Boy's Grandma requested some more tunes on the piano from The Boy. Here are a few videos taken this afternoon.

The Boy plays Jewish folk song by Larry Sitsky.

The Boy plays Quadrille by Joseph Haydn.

The Boy plays Raisins and Almonds by Anonymous.


Susan Ham said...

Thank you Son. Very well done grandson.

babbler said...

I am a professional musician (Vibraphone player and drummer) and I thought that was great! Good timing, thoughtfully played, all the songs were good. My only complaint is I want to hear MORE!! Thanks,
Mrs. Slug

Hammy said...

Well Mrs. Slug, there are a few more videos of The Boy playing the piano on my YouTube Channel -
Glad you enjoyed his songs.