Monday, July 12, 2010

Thoughts On The World Cup Final

- Arjen Robben needs to be told that prima donnas don't win World Cups. Only Maradonas win World Cups. His attack on the referee for failing to pay a free kick close to goal when being hampered by Carles Puyol was ferocious. If only he had the same attack on the ball the Netherlands would have been three goals up by that stage. Can't say I've ever seen such poor sportsmanship aimed at a ref, without physically assaulting him that is, by anybody else. Disgusting behaviour worthy of a red card, almost. Officials should never be treated with such contempt. Hang your head in shame, Robben.
- When is a studs-up tackle to the chest not a red card offence? When Nigel de Jong kicks Xabi Alonso. And to think that Miroslav Klose got a second yellow card for an accidental trip. Refereeing needs to be consistent.
- Xavi Hernandez, I'm pretty sure, received a yellow card for playing on too long after offside was called and kicking the ball away to waste time. Good call ref. But Arjen Robben, already on a yellow card, does much the same thing and doesn't get penalised later in the game. What did I say about consistency in refereeing decisions?
- If the Dutch had played their natural game they would have had a much better chance of winning. Where was the free-flowing, complete football?
- You'd think that a professional striker would have the ability to chip a goalkeeper. Robben again gets a mention.
- Only one team was trying to play and that was Spain. Counterattacking is rather counter-productive.
- Spain deserved their win. And my heart wanted the Dutch to win.
- I had red eyes from getting up at 2am to watch the game but the Dutch players will have red eyes from crying for the next four years.
- I was alarmed at Xabi Alonso being substituted and then David Villa with extra-time/penalties looming. But it indicated that the Spanish coach didn't want it to go to penalties and was looking for the winning goal. Great coaching, as it turned out.
- Tactically the Spanish were superior and the Dutch coach only has himself to blame for the loss. That much is apparent and I normally wouldn't place that much emphasis on the coach's ability to influence how the game pans out with tactical changes.


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