Friday, July 30, 2010

Kevin Rudd Has Too Much Gall

Well, obviously the gall of the man reached amazing levels. That's got to be why Kevin Rudd went to hospital to have his gall bladder removed today. How else do you explain it?

There were a few theories at work:

- The knife from Julia Gillard and her mates went in so deeply that it struck the gall bladder.
- He's doing it for the sympathy vote in the upcoming election.
- The doctor wanted to take the piss out of him after the rest of the country had had a turn.
- Being kicked out of the prime ministership by his own party after having taken his party to the greatest number of seats ever was just too galling for him.
- He was desperate to lose a bit of weight after not having time to exercise.

Interesting that he went to a private hospital and not a public one. Mind you, with the fact that if you earn over A$75k/yr you need to have private health insurance or pay a higher Medicare levy in this country. Not really surprising at all in that case, after all.

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