Monday, July 19, 2010

Pupil-Free Day

It was a pupil-free day today where the pupils stay away from school and the teachers attend school without them. I reckon close to 95% of teachers would like to have it this way all of the time but perhaps we'd better not put this to the vote. I had to stay home to babysit The Boy. Isn't it funny how we fathers refer to it as babysitting but the mothers just "stay at home with the kids"?

I had a few plans for my day off which, by the way, I earnt by working on Saturday. Nice to swap Monday for Saturday, whereby I got much more work done due to less disruptions, but I know that I'll pay for it on Tuesday with a full inbox from the rest of the country that was at work. Plans almost went to the dogs as I'm not feeling too well. Bit of a cold and a deal of associated coughing. I was hoping to take The Boy to the golf course to actually play a game. He's only been on the driving range previously.

I did want to take him to the movies also. Managed to find out that Hoyts has a matinee special if you purchase at least two tickets for movies prior to 5pm. The 3D version was on special for only A$12 as opposed to the normal A$20 for an adult ticket. Bargain! Wasn't impressed with the 27 minutes of ads and trailers prior to the movie starting. I think we had only 26 people in the cinema so it wasn't packed.

We watched Toy Story 3. I'd heard that it was good, as was Shrek 4 The Final Chapter, but The Boy wanted to see it more.

Great movie. Better than Toy Story 2 and about on par with Toy Story the original. Wasn't overly impressed with the 3D version as nothing jumped out from the screen apart from the ads. Could have been so much better. Much like watching a normal movie although I find the 3D glasses to be a bit distracting and annoying. I don't know how people put up with wearing glasses normally. Really enjoyed the movie.

Toy Story 3 Display at Hoyts.

Back home to make a subway-style sandwich for The Boy, which he really enjoyed (bit of a surprise there) and then off for some shopping before a visit to the doctor to obtain a blood test for The Boy. He has a nut allergy and we need more information on it. No taekwondo training for me today due to my cold. Not a bad day off though.

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Iris Flavia said...

Can´t wait to see Toy Story 3!!! Just hate cinema, though. And I´d like to see it in the original, not translated to German loosing all the jokes! So, I have to wait a great deal of time, I suppose...

3D-glasses are no worries over "normal" glasses - as long as they´re light.

Well... get well, soon!
Gah, now I´d love a sandwich, too!