Friday, July 16, 2010

Hitler Hates Mount Gambier Development Issues

Brilliant movie - especially if you know anything about Mt Gambier. I dips me lid to the guy who put this together - Minor Earth Major Sky.

hitler hates Mount Gambier development issues from minor earth major sky on Vimeo.

Hitler Hates Mount Gambier Development Issues


Iris Flavia said...

How weird is that???? I fail to understand either language - only thing I get is that it doesn´t fit, weird! Weird!

On the other hand... in Broome I saw the movie "Life is beautiful". It was in Italian and English subtitled. After just a few minutes I was not aware of either, I just watched a movie. Neither the feeling I have to read, nor that it´s not German! Just watching a movie - weird how our brains (or mine at least?) work!

Would really need to put the sound off to understand this one!

Hammy said...

You're not supposed to understand it Iris. It's a famous scene from a recent movie that people all over the world have used and created their own subtitled version of events which have absolutely nothing to do with the actual situation being depicted. There was another one regarding the Melbourne Storm rubgy league club being found to have breached the salary cap and so on. The subtitiles are in no way a translation. The amusement comes from seeing Hitler going off his head about something unrelated.