Saturday, July 31, 2010

Former Company Get Together At Burswood Casino

A company that I used to work for has irregular meetings for former employees. It's been nearly four years since I left and I've never attended one of these get togethers. Usually it is because I wasn't notified until the day of the event, it was on the other side of the city and I generally had something on. Well, I must have had a months notice for this event so wasn't going to miss it even though I would have to skip taekwondo training for this one.

As I left work an hour or so before the do and it was a short walk I went with camera in hand. Shot around 80 photos and the 20 minute walk took me an hour. I got caught in the rain just before reaching the destination but it didn't dampen my enthusiasm for the night. Couldn't spot anybody within the pub, Paddy Hannan's, but spotted one of my colleagues, a former employee of the company also, who had offered me a lift from work as he arrived at the same time. We started having a drink by ourselves at the bar.

Soon afterwards everyone started arriving. Almost everyone that came was working at the time I was there but a few had started after me and before the ultimate demise of the company. The doors were closed some nine months after I left but that was because they had lost the right to sell a product that constituted 90% of their sales.

It was great to see so many people that I had enjoyed working with and catching up. I guess the thing about working at a successful small business is that it is usually run by a bunch of nice people. About half of the people I hadn't seen since I'd left, a couple I hadn't met but had spoken to and a few that I kept in touch with business-wise.

Allow me to indulge my passion of photography with a photo album of my Walk From Work to Burswood Casino on Facebook.


Iris Flavia said...

That´s a great idea - who wouldn´t love to come back to a company like that?!
Why did you leave in the first place, sounds like a great, caring company!

Hammy said...

More money, better job on offer, more money, chance to increase my skills. Did I mention more money? Don't think that I was appreciated as much as I should have been. Turned out to be a stepping stone to bigger and better things.