Saturday, January 24, 2009

YouTube Video - She Is - Alex (Clazziquai)

I don't mind listening to a bit of Korean music. Which isn't a bad thing as it gets played in our household a bit. I struggle to find good Korean music, for obvious reasons, but when I find something I like I will play it to death. The sister-in-law brought some CDs with her when she visited recently. My missus had this song on a CD she bought in Singapore but it was labelled in Chinese and so she didn't know who he was. The mystery has been solved. His name is Alex. Which is a rather strange name for a Korean. I'll give him that. Probably just a stage name anyway. The lady singing is known as Horan. The song is from a Korean drama and watching the video clip I recognise it as my wife has seen it.

Enjoy - She Is - Clazziquai (Alex/Horan)


Anonymous said...

Pretty good. Annette

David said...

I've written about Alex a couple of times on my blog. You should have asked.

He's one of my favorites, too. He was on a reality show here for about 7 months. Was very popular and kicked started his solo career.

Anonymous said...

they have other good songs too.
horan and alex are siblings.

Anonymous said...

oops, sorry. i was thinking of christina.
hehe. theyre not siblings. sorry for spamming :-P
thanks for the link!