Saturday, January 31, 2009

Don’t Worry About Wearing Clean Underpants

Didn't your mum tell you to wear clean underpants just in case you got hit by a bus? You didn't want to be embarrassed when the people saving your life noticed that your jocks weren't clean, did you? I always thought that that was a bit strange because if a bus was heading straight for me I don't think my underdacks would be all that clean for much longer anyway.

Well, I think that it is more important to keep your room clean in case you have a heart attack. Those paramedics in Britain are a discerning mob. Did you hear about Barry Baker who had a heart attack, called 999 for assistance and then collapsed? The paramedics arrived minutes later and took a look at his place and made the comment that, "He's not worth saving." Unfortunately for them the phone call was still connected to the emergency services line. The local papers name the guys too. They were arrested on suspicion of wilful neglect of duty.

The guys' place was a mess. Has the British National Health Service, NHS, come to a point in funding whereby they train their paramedics to be discretionary with who they bother to save? I understand that ambulances are used almost as a taxi service by many people in Britain. I don't blame them for making the comment but they let the guy die which wasn't their call. Their job was to save his life and he was still alive when they arrived.

Yhe moral of the story - Keep your house tidy people because you are more likely to have a heart attack than to be hit by a bus.


Susan Ham said...

Words fail me, and you know I am seldom lost for words. How absolutely inhumane! The ambulance service is used for a taxi service here too, a lot of the time.

Anonymous said...

What a crying shame lol Annette

Iris Flavia said...


Am gone, cleaning up a bit!

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