Saturday, January 17, 2009

What Do You Do When The Forecast Is For 42 Degrees Celsius?

What do you do when the forecast temperature is 42 degrees C? Most normal people would go to work or those still on holidays might sleep in before lounging around the house for the day. In both cases you would expect the air conditioning to be put on.

The temperature reached 41.8 C when we went for our lunchtime walk. Some bastard had lit a fire in Kings Park at 6:30 in the morning. That's what he decided to do on a hot day. There wasn't a lot of smoke about as t had been contained pretty well.

Later that afternoon at 4pm it was ablaze again. We were having a sundowner at work so I decided to have a few drinks and play some pool before grabbing some photos of the smoke. It had died down a bit in the the two hours that I was busy but you get some idea of the fire.

Bushfire in Kings Park on 42 degrees Celsius day.

What a bloody jerk. Shooting is too good for him.


Susan Ham said...

I will NEVER understand the 'mentality' of a fire bug. What is their agenda? Are they deranged or just utterly selfish and stupid?

Anonymous said...

That happens here too. They are selfish bastards who want to ruin things for everyone else because, they are miserable. Annette or it could be a fireman trying to make extra hours money. That happened here too.