Sunday, January 18, 2009

Meal And A Wander Around Fremantle And Cottesloe

It was one of the last nights that my sister-in-law was visiting so we went to Fremantle to have a meal at Cicerello's. They've been voted Western Australia's favourite fish and chip shop. These guys aren't your normal street corner fish and chip shop either. And they charge for it.

Firstly we went for a walk around the beach up to the Round House. Yu-Jin loved climbing on the rocks of the groyne. He is a typical boy.

Last time we went to Cicerello's I was quite disappointed with my meal. Not last night however. I had spicy crumbed fish and chips and it was lovely. Apart from the stodgy chips and coleslaw with far too much onion. It must be about the first time I haven't completed a meal but felt satisfied in leaving food on my plate. You know how I hate to waste money.

Following tea we journeyed to the cappuccino strip in Fremantle itself and had icecream and coffees at Amano. After we sat down the shop filled with people. I had mentioned that the staff outnumbered us as customers.

We had a bit of a wander about so that the sister-in-law could enjoy the old buildings and take happy snaps. Me too. I love the grand old buildings of Fremantle. It shows some culture.

Just as it got dark we drove to Cottesloe Beach for a walk. It was a lovely night and not as busy as I had expected. Perhaps that has something to do with visiting Cottesloe during the busy holiday period normally and then there's almost nowhere to park. After nine o'clock at night it quietens down a little. I was quite discussed to see one guy take a leak on the beach in full view of everyone. Sit on the white sand, not the yellow, people. Never seen anything like it, I tell you.

Photos from Fremantle and Cottesloe album on Facebook.


Susan Ham said...

There is no accounting for some people. They just DO NOT know how to behave. I don't think you like wasting food, either.

Anonymous said...

I don't like to waste anything. That sounds like you had fun. We enjoy Long John Silvers here for fish and chips. They put out coupons sometimes. Have fun. Annette