Thursday, October 02, 2008

Trumped By Donald Trump?

Last night on Today Tonight there was a segment about a guy called Malcolm Somebody, we can't call him Malcolm X because that was a real person, and I don't recall his surname. He had pursued Donald Trump for six months to do a speaking tour in Australia for some big bucks. Malcolm signed a contract that was worded very much in the Trump's favour and he's already made payment of A$1.5m. Trouble is the tour isn't going ahead and the Trump isn't going to refund the money. In fact, the contract even calls for more money to be paid. Very cleverly worded indeed.

They showed us how Malcolm met the Trump in New York, smiles all around, how he was commented on his professionalism, etc. Now, Donald Trump regularly pulls thousands of people for a talk. And we're talking between 30,000 and 60,000 people. The most tickets that were sold for the Australian tour was 450!

Malcolm blames Trump for his lack of pulling power, Trump blames Malcolm for his inexperience and lack of professionalism, etc. The tour was called "Think like a billionaire". We're supposed to feel sorry for the little guy whose business is now in liquidation. He will be out of pocket seriously and his dreams ruined by a man so rich that the money doesn't matter to him. They showed us a screenshot from the Website, which has now been suspended, and it mentioned the venues as Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydeny. Sydeny?! I thought it was Donald Trump touring not Juan Antonio Samaranch. Would you hand over a couple of thousand dollars to a man who can't even spell one of the venues correctly? It would appear to be a bit of a scam at first glance.


Anonymous said...

Trump is a dirty bastard. How do y ou think he got so filthy rich lol Annette

Hayley Solich said...

My friend, June Kelly, from Perth, was one of those who parted with $2500 of her hard earned cash. She was the lady on the show that said, "Trumped by Donald Trump". She's furious. I've posted a video on YouTube under the WomenCan channel. You can view it at Keep the video alive... send a link to your friends.