Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Costly Advice

I was a bit sick after returning from holidays. Somehow I knew this would happen and I took the precaution of having a few days extra to do bugger all to relax before going back to work. A sore throat developed and by Saturday I felt poorly enough to have to visit the doctor. She did a quick examination and said that I had a viral infection but it wasn't bad enough to require antibiotics at this stage. The best thing for it was to gargle warm, salty water and take a couple of Panadol. That bit of advice took all of three minutes and cost $60! She said that I'd have a cough for the next 10 days however.

I decided to get my blood pressure checked seeing as I was there and the time was being paid for. The doctor appeared genuinely surprised at the result and asked me if I played a lot of sport. No, I just walk to and from the bus stop. I was happy with the result of that test.

The advice worked too.


Anonymous said...

What was your Bp? Mine was 110/70. That is good but, I bet yours was even better. My relatives was much lower 54/60 but, they are active like crazy. I hope you feel better. Clorets help. Dr's are too expensive but, they save lives and risk thier own around all the germs. Annette

Joe said...

I suppose you got your money's worth, but I could have told you to gargle and would have only charged you half of that amount.

Anonymous said...

The nurse and Dr. were butt ugly so, that made your pressure go way down. Milky gets it too high.