Friday, October 24, 2008

Another Funny Bus Incident

Riding the bus is a constant source of entertainment. Just a couple of days ago I noticed that there was a chart near the drive stating where to turn, left or right, at streets along the route. Obviously a new bus driver. She was a bit rough on the accelerator, but not nearly as much as some, so it showed.

After getting off at my stop I noticed the bus go straight through a roundabout. That was a bit strange as it was supposed to turn right at that roundabout. I was quite amused to walk past the bus at the place it had stopped and even talked to one of the passengers who got off. She was rather bemused also. The bus driver was asking if anybody wanted to get off as she wasn't going to be able to turn around to do two or three stops before joining the route again.

So funny.


Anonymous said...

That nincompoop lol Annette

Iris Flavia said...

Poor woman! ;-)
One of your drivers was funny, too! He was 74 already and when he heard we´re from Germany he sang German war-songs to us (in English) - didn´t any of them, though!