Friday, October 03, 2008

Funny Email

I just received an email talking about some bike pics. I noticed that the email address was similar to mine so I can see where the mistake was made and I received it instead. What made me really laugh was that he signed it "Joshy Poo". I couldn't help but send him an email and take the piss.

G'day Joshy Poo, if you're reading.


Iris Flavia said...

You made it a label, too?!

Maybe you´d find it funny that the way it´s pronounced... um... we write "Puh" and say it when we´ve finished a job.

Joshy, P...!
Who knows?

Hammy said...

If you use "Poo" after your name it is more like a term used between people who love each other. E.g. "You're my cuddly little Joshy Poo". Gotta be careful with emails.

Anonymous said...

Hammy Poo go biking with him lol ha ha ha ha ha

Joe said...

Or maybe that's just a nickname he came up with for you, Hammy.

honkeie2 said...

To bad they werent hot steamy pictures for his eyes only lol

Anonymous said...

LOl Hammy poo poo where Are you I miss your sexy blog photos that make my mouth drool and my privates do a lil dance lol Damn it I need more stimulation. Have you considered becoming a nude dancer??