Friday, October 17, 2008

Just When I Thought I Needed A Dog

A couple of weeks ago I was chasing Stew around the backyard in an attempt to put him in his hutch and away for the night. I was thinking to myself, "I might have to buy a dog to help me round him up. Similar to a sheepdog but more of a rabbitdog." And with that thought he bounded off to the hutch and entered the open door. All by himself. Mind you he gave the hutch a big thump to show his displeasure. I was astounded. We've had him since February and he's just gotten more and more difficult to put away of an evening.

For 11 days he was cared for by some friends whilst we were on holiday. When I saw cared for I leave out reference to his escape and subsequent capture in the middle of the road on his second day there.

He's been back home for two days. When I went to collect him last night he headed straight for the hutch and jumped in. And here was me thinking that this is a dumb animal. He's put one over me for eight months.


Susan Ham said...

Makes one wonder who is the bunny??!!

Anonymous said...

What if the dog makes him into a midnight snack?? lol Have a good weekend. Annette