Friday, October 24, 2008

Is That A Banana In Your Undies?

Australia is pretty strict when it comes to quarantine issues. There is very little in the way of foodstuffs that can be imported without you being a certified importer. I read in the news, it was the top story on Google News Australia in fact, that a Czech lady coming from Samoa was caught with bananas in her undies. It made me laugh that she was acting strangely and that caught the attention of the customs officials. Not the fact that she had some strange protrusions in her pants.

Can you imagine the customs official's question - Is that a banana in your undies or are you just happy to see me?

Not very good at concealing contraband I'd say. Did she sit on the plane like that? Maybe she'd lost her husband and was lonely - in that case they may have been lady finger bananas. Possibly couldn't afford a cucumber, being out of season and all.


Anonymous said...

That is real nasty. Bannanas are real cheap. Maybe she was a pervert. Did she insert it in her lady lump? Gross wacko lol Annete

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