Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A Wild Goose Chase Thanks To Perth's Planners

I needed to get a couple of new tyres for my car today, what with Easter coming up and the ensuing police blitz. I'd gotten enough usage out of them. Luckily in WA we are allowed a minimum of 1.5 mm of tread whereas your tyres are considered to be bald with 3 mm of tread in the rest of the country.

Had to do this on my lunch break and it took a lot longer to find the KMart Tyre and & Auto than it should have, thanks to Perth's planners. I knew it was 380-something on Scarborough Beach Rd in Innaloo. In Osborne Park I decided to look at the street numbers just to make sure that I didn't overshoot. The first number I saw was 424 so, "I must be getting close," I thought to myself. Next was 460-odd. Whoops, better turn around.

At 386 was a Beaurepaires store. It was about the right number and on the right street but not the right company. I asked if there had been a KMart Tyre and Auto store here and the guy explained that Scarborough Beach Road had the numbers starting in three different suburbs. So there could be a 386 in Osborne Park, one in Scarborough and another in Innaloo. How bloody dumb!

When I finally came across the correct shop it was a pig to get to on top of the car park above the shopping centre. And just as you think you have made it there is a no entry sign and you have to drive around the top to reach the entrance.

What a rigmarole. Street numbers of 1-1000 would be appreciated. Get your act together people who call yourselves planners.

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Hammysmum said...

Most of these so called, planners, etc, couldn't organize a two door outhouse, let alone a town. Take the numbers in our street. No sequence at all!