Saturday, April 01, 2006

We've Got Visitors

Gee, I'm glad that visitors don't come that often. The cleaning that has to take place beforehand is murder. Who needs to live in a house that's that clean? Went out to the airport just after midnight, would you believe it was raining, to pick up our friends Keiko and Kiyoko from Fukuoka. I sat there for 10 mins, about 40 mins after their plane landed. Immigration, luggage and Customs take ages when entering this country.

I was reading my mail and checking for their appearance every so often. As I scanned the crowd, quite large for that time of the morning, I saw Kiyoko. They had entered the arrival lounge about 10 mins before and were looking for me. People look so different at the airport and it was difficult to recognise her. Keiko had gone to phone us but, here's the funny part, even though she visited us about a year ago she only had our phone number from about three and a half years ago. And she didn't have our address. She told the person at Immigration our postal address and that was enough to get them into the country. Not a lot of room in the post box as I only have a small one.

I commented to Keiko on the way home that she had brought the rain with her and she said that every excursion for school, and even her graduation, it rained. Even the headmaster commented during the graduation ceremony that this was an unfortunate bunch of students when it came to the weather. How funny.

Home just after 1am and up at 6:30 for breakfast as they wanted to catch the early ferry to Rottnest. I had booked the only room available at the Rottnest Lodge for them the day before. Change of plans as it had been raining and they would rather see Perth and go to Rotto later in the day. No probs. Dropped them off at the train station after brekkie.

Yu-Jin and I went to Bunnings to get some of those long green hoses with holes in them, I believe they are called sprinklers, to set up in particular parts of the garden that take a long time to water. I then proceeded to paint the dining room walls and Yu-Jin gave me a hand. We went to taekwondo after lunch.

Miky came home from the gym and shopping and then headed out the front to plant a large row of lavender. I had to cart a few barrow loads of wood chips to act as mulch and it looks alright.

Miky also came to the decision that our old 3-seater sofa that had been taking up room in the sewing room had to go. Anybody want to buy a blue sofa that is in pretty good nick? If it doesn't sell within a couple of weeks it'll probably go to the Salvos. It's sitting in the shed now.

Miky commented that the last time somebody from Japan came to stay with us I did some painting too. Large coincidence, methinks. I don't make a habit of such things.


Hammysmum said...

Pity you and we are so far apart. I would love to have you blue sofa! How long are your friends staying?

Hammy said...

Typical Japanese-style holiday - just the four days.

megha said...

just wanted to say it's good to read your blog again - school finals kept me from doing a lot of other things.

i'm also blogging now, though not the way you do :)