Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Happenings

What a busy Easter period. I need a holiday to get over it.

Thursday - Miky's car had been playing up (again), and so we dropped it off at the mechanic's place early in the morning. That meant that I was late for work. At lunch time I went to the markets, assuming that they would be open, and found that that wasn't the case. Fruit and veggies in Woolworths were too expensive so I bought some Easter eggs.

Miky rang later in the day to say that she was still at work and would be there for some time yet. That meant that I had to leave work early to get the car key, otherwise the car would need to stay at the garage for the whole weekend, Yu-Jin had to be collected, something had to be bought for tea and my friend Ben was arriving at the airport as well. As I was leaving my boss made the comment, "Arrived late, leaving early." Oh well. I couldn't help it.

Man, I didn't recognise Ben at the airport. It has been about nine years since I've seen him and we grew up together as next door neighbours. He thought that I would have lost my hair and was genuinely surprised that that wasn't the case. Ben's a bit thin on top and has put on a bit of weight. Anyway, the traffic was quite bad so I decided not to take the Tonkin Highway and we bought something for tea on the way home. Once arriving I realised that there may be enough time to get to volleyball. Ben had been warned volleyball was on the agenda.

Thankfully the traffic was leaving the city and I had a good run thereby arriving about seven minutes before game time. We only had four players but got Paul to fill-in. Finally we played well and won 3-0 with the scores locked at 14-14 in the fourth set when time ran out. I was on fire with my serving. If ever we were in trouble the ball only had to be sent to Phil on the other team. Phil appears to have Tourette Syndrome. Well, he carried on like a pork chop everytime he stuffed up. I don't think that he even got one serve over the net.

Frugal Bastard with the lethal volleyball serve.

Came home and Miky wanted to collect her car. It wasn't a good place to leave it, outside the garage, but it was late-night shopping so it wasn't as though it was the only vehicle in the car park, and all was ok. Interestingly the mechanic discovered that a coil for an electronic ignition was installed instead of one for points. That would have caused some of the problems that were evident.

Ben and I had a fair bit to talk about and went to be quite late.

Friday - went for a wander around the wetlands across the road, to the weir and around the miniature railway nearby. Easter eggs and hot cross buns on the menu. Maybe a couple of days early but I'm not religious anyway. Yu-Jin wanted to play games with Ben and we started to do a 500 piece puzzle. The afternoon was spent at Cottesloe Beach where Yu-Jin had a good time. I was a little surprised at the number of people at the beach but not too much as it was a holiday and the weather was very nice.

Cottesloe Beach was busy for Good Friday.

Some decent waves at Cottesloe Beach.

Yu-Jin spent a bit of time collecting shells.

Nice sunset at Cottesloe Beach.

Getting a bit adventurous with my photography - sunset at Cottesloe Beach.

Miky cooked bulgogi for tea. I told Ben that it was bull's testicles (bull go-gi) and I think that he believed me for a couple of seconds. It was difficult to keep a straight face. After we all watched a feature on Gengis Khan Ben and I watched The Passion of the Christ. Wow, what a powerful movie.

Saturday - On the way to Subiaco to do the fruit and veggie shopping I showed Ben around Curtin Uni. Following the shopping Ben, Yu-Jin and I went to the cinema to watch Zathura as there weren't too many movies suitable for Yu-Jin to watch. Not a bad movie, reasonably entertaining.

Miky joined us in the city following the movie and we went shirt shopping at Myer. I bought a very nice shirt for my birthday and Ben bought a couple of shirts. He did need to borrow Miky for a while, just so that he could get the opinion of a woman of course, as like most men he has little idea of fashion. I've changed a bit but still can't be left to my own devices completely.

For tea we went to Han's Cafe in Northbridge, the scene of our wedding reception. Bit of a walk around Northbridge followed by a visit to Dome Coffee, where none of us actually had coffee. Drove through the Northbridge Tunnel on the way home. Yu-Jin went to bed so Ben and I did some star-gazing, much like we did when we were kids. The moon was very detailed but the stars and one planet we looked at didn't reveal any details. Another late night talking.

Sunday - Four hours were spent finishing the jigsaw puzzle.

The finished jigsaw puzzle. Don't start one of these unless you have plenty of time on your hands.

Yu-Jin was sick so he didn't come to Kings Park with Ben and myself. Showed him around the War Memorial, the Treetop Walk and the DNA Tower.

Perth City as seen from the War Memorial in Kings Park.

Some major earthworks going on for the railway line to Mandurah.

View from the Treetop Walk in Kings Park.

South Perth from the DNA Tower.

Had a bit of time left over so walked around the city for a while before going home. BBQ for tea. Not so late night as Ben had to catch a flight in the morning.

Site of the new Perth railway station.

Monday - Brekkie followed by a bit of gardening before heading out to the airport. Bugger all traffic unlike the previous Thursday. Miky and I did a bit of gardening and I bought some concrete slabs from Bunnings.

Caught another mouse. This little guy had been hanging around in the computer room. In the arvo we went to Gloria Jeans Coffee, where nobody had coffee, before returning home early as Yu-Jin was still sick. Watched Mythbusters later on and it is the sort of show that really captures Yu-Jin's attention.

I need a holiday to get over the holiday.

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