Monday, April 24, 2006

I Don't Even Know What To Call This Post

On Friday night we didn't know what to do with ourselves. A friend of mine had a family ticket to attend a function for the Starlight Foundation at Scitech and asked Yu-Jin to come along. He even came to our house to pick him up. It involved a magic show, use of the planetarium (or was that a movie?) and some eats. The kids even picked up bags with lollies, balloons and stickers, among other things. He had a great time and even got dropped off.

Gosh the house was quiet. Cooking tea was almost enjoyable. And not at all rushed. We were able to talk to each other without having to tell the kid off or worry about him not finishing. It felt like such a long time before he arrived around 8:30. Thanks Ben!

Saturday was a very overcast day. Miky went to the gym and Yu-Jin and I went for a walk to the park to collect some sticks. He loves swordfighting so I picked up something decent for some strong hitting. Felt like a good idea to do some paving out the back from the clothesline to the shed. Yu-Jin could even muck around in the sand. Starting to look alright.

After lunch Yu-Jin went to taekwondo whilst we went grocery shopping. I thought that we should make our own pizzas for tea so we bought the ingredients necessary. Took ages to track down the pizza bases. When I got back to taekwondo Yu-Jin got to spar with the 7th dan instructor and copped a foot in the ear. And he was put on his arse. Poor fella was in the wars this weekend. On Sunday we went to the park to kick the footy. He got upset with me and threw the ball at me. I lifted my knee and the ball bounced off it and straight into his eye. Back at home Miky was digging in the backyard and the top of the shovel handle hit him in the bottom lip. Bit of blood and a cut lip ensued. He won't be doing that again. Not too much damage done.

Pizza for tea was a great idea. Yu-Jin was excited about helping to cook and got to eat something that he made. Made some more for lunch on Sunday.

Sunday morning and I headed off to golf at Collier Park. Not until Saturday night did I make up my mind to play this weekend. Joined Trevor and Peter for an entertaining round. Pete knocked in a 55 foot putt on the first for par and I knocked a 15 footer in. They were a couple of nice blokes to have a game with and teeing off at 6:50 was a bonus as we were done by 11. I actually enjoyed my round which was ok, apart from an eight and a nine, and shot a 98 off the stick. One shot I had to use my left-handed club and the guys were gobsmacked as I struck the ball so well. They thought that someone must have sold me the wrong clubs and my left-handed swing was so much better. On the 16th I sprained my hand after getting my 8-iron stuck in the fairway with my fingers getting bent backwards. That was the hole that I scored my nine on. It wasn't too easy playing the last three holes.

The garden needed a decent watering yesterday. The weather forecast is for rain for most of the week however. Promises, promises.

Pretty busy, pretty enjoyable weekend.


Hammysmum said...

I'm mighty glad Yu-Jin didn't go out with you when you played golf!! Poor kid. I got his pop up message on Google talk. Thank you.

ben said...

You're welcome. It was 20% planetarium, trying to show us where to spot Mars (the planet), and movie Launch Pad (the planets).