Monday, April 03, 2006

Not A Bad Game Of Golf To Report

Finally, I didn't play a bad game of golf on the weekend. Well, I didn't play any golf on the weekend. My Sunday morning was spent painting the dining and living rooms along with the passageway. It's come up ok. Still might need another coat though and that can wait until next weekend. There was some footy and the Formula 1 Grand Prix on the telly to keep me entertained.

Miky spent the morning with Yu-Jin helping with his reading and doing things together. Yu-Jin and I had a game of Yahtzee and I scored two Yahtzees in the same game!


Later in the arvo Yu-Jin had a sixth birthday party to go to and following that we had to meet at the ferry terminal as Keiko and Kiyoko were arriving back from Rottnest Island. Went to Siena's in Leederville for tea. And we ordered too much food. Nice stuff though.

On the way home I took them through Kings Park to see the lights and to do the treetop walk. Pity that the walk had closed three hours before. Still interesting to walk through the park during the dark. Not something the ladies would have done on their own.

Yu-Jin was asleep by the time we got home. Typical.

Keiko and Kiyoko are taking a tour to the Pinnacles today and I'll go to work a bit earlier than normal to drop them off in the city. No point in making them take a train and walk from the station to the meeting place.

Golf is on the agenda for next weekend.

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