Saturday, April 08, 2006

The AFL Knows About Football...

But the Website needs a bit of a revamp. The game between the Western Bulldogs and Melbourne had my interest and not only because I have $110 at work counting on a Bulldogs victory. They were 13 points down at half time but up by 26 points during the third quarter by the stage we had to go to taekwondo. It looked like they had the game in the bag.

After returning from taekwondo I logged onto the Website to see the scoreline. The Bulldogs won but take a look at the scoreline on the AFL's Website and then have a gander at the match report from a sport Website -

Unbelievable Western Bulldogs Scoreline.

More Believable Western Bulldogs Scoreline.

The AFL obviously stuffed up with their Content Management program as the scoreline was repeated on the main page.

The Main Page Scoreline Is Incorrect Too.

The editor hasn't really earnt his money before publishing the Web page. If my memory serves me correctly that would be the highest individual team score, highest losing team score, highest aggregate score and the most goals and behinds registered in a VFL/AFL match. Just wonder how long it will be before the mistake is noticed and corrected.

The AFL's Website is very popular and this can be attested to by the fact there are some 107000 tippers already this year (after round one) and there was a total of about 75000 at the end of last season. I'm in the top 3.25% after round one. It's all downhill from here.

Get this. I'm also in the Essendon Football Club footy tipping competition and used the same tips as for the AFL. Currently I'm about 1600 out of just over 6000 tippers. Does this mean that Bombers' tippers are so much better than the majority of other tippers?

P.S. I've just checked the AFL's site again and they have the score as 0.0 (0) vs 0.0 (0). Ah, don't you just love technology?


Hammysmum said...

I hope you didn't pick Essendon to win. Faint hope of that,eh?

Hammy said...

I bloody well did. Who the hell convinced me that that could happen?