Thursday, April 06, 2006

Killing Two Birds With One Stone

Want a tummy tuck?
And a hot meal?

Today Tonight ran a story last night about people undergoing microwave treatment to burn fat. It still costs about $3-6000 but didn't involve invasive surgery, excessive time off work or the risk of infection. Apparently the fat in your body is heated to 65 degrees celsuis and then burns away. The machine has been approved by the FDA in the US and is awaiting approval on our shores.

On several ocassions Today Tonight has warned us about microwaves that leak radiation and how we should be worried about them. You should get the seals checked on your microwave to make sure that you were safe.

Why not combine the two and kill two birds with one stone? If you have a bit of a pot guts then duly stand in front of your leaky microwave whilst heating your tv dinner. Diminish the guts just before you build on it again.

Now, which microwaves are the best models for a bit of a tummy tuck on the side?

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tmz_99 said...

So by that general theory saunas warmed up to 80-90deg should work just as well... the problem is always trying to amuse oneself in a hot sauna... usually electronics die or at the very least fog up and books get covered in sweat. :(