Thursday, December 01, 2005

Bit Of Travel News

I was going to put a couple of photos with this post but the computer is only Windows2000 and doesn't have USB drivers. Bummer.

We spent last night with friends in Seoul after Yu-Jin and I had spent the previous day in Kyeongju. Our friends have two kids and all the kids got on very well. Much like kids do. Probably the fact that we filled them with junk food after tea didn't help too much in getting them to bed quite late. The train trip to Seoul was a tick under five and a half hours.

Today wasn't much different. After brekkie we got on the subway to Cheonan which took close to an hour and a half I guess for only A$3 each. Yu-Jin is free wherever we go as he isn't school age yet in Korea. Bonus. Just outside Cheonan is the Korea Independence Hall. This is a must see attraction and concentrates much on the survival of the nation from Japanese oppression. Not too many nice words are said about the Japanese and with good reason too. I learnt a lot about what happened even before the annexation took place in 1910. We spent three and a half hours there and it was well worth the $2.50 admission fee.

Now we are situated in Asan at a hot spring hotel. Ah, what a lovely spa. I have a funny story to share about getting a hotel that I don't have time to go into now. Tomorrow we plan to visit the shrine of Admiral Yi Sun-shin. He was born and is now buried in Asan. If we have time we'll drop into the Korean Folk Village near Suwon on the way back to our friends' apartment but we may be pressed for time.

Still plenty of late nights and early mornings being experienced. I'll have to go back to work for a rest.


Hammysmum said...

I've told you before, you need a holiday, to get over a holiday!

David said...

Hammy, how long are you in Korea for?

Joe said...

Sounds like the amazing trip continues. Looking forward to seeing the pics.