Sunday, December 11, 2005

Hammy's 2005 Trip To Korea And Japan - Nov 20th

This morning we wandered about early on trying to find a nice place to eat. Finally settled on the same place we had breakfast yesteday. Miky left early as Yu-Jin was being a pain. We ate mandoo soup and 오뎅 (odeng - fish cake) soup.

After breakfast I located a hardware store but it wasn't open. Sunday is the busiest day, almost, for hardware stores in Australia but this is apparently not the case in Korea. Found an extension board for 3000 Won.

Caught a bus up to the in-law's place and I made an extension lead to charge my camera battery. We went to "Korean Restaurant" for lunch and had meat soup (갈비 당 - galbi dang), seafood pancake, sashimi and heaps of side dishes. Lunch came to 60000 Won (A$80).

Miky packed lots of things to ship back to Oz. Caught a taxi back to our 역완 (yeogwan). Rang Ralph to join us for tea. He came at 7pm and we found a nice place to have pork. See if I can find the name tomorrow. We talked about bringing up kids, the differences in the two societies, work and life. He's a nice bloke but was feeling a bit worse for wear having been un until 4 am drinking and he had to get up at 7 for work, on a Sunday. The third weekend in a row that he's worked.

The leftovers from our meal with Ralph. Not too much to speak of. Glad I don't have a job cleaning dishes in Korea.

The fine eatery that we noshed at.

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megha said...

yum. i like reading the names of food items that sound great even though i don't know what they are. a bit like reading enid blyton stories.