Thursday, December 15, 2005

Hammy's 2005 Trip To Korea And Japan - Nov 25th

Went for our morning walk with the dog. Did I mention that he was so well toilet trained that he doesn't poo in the house and waits for his walk? Robby then poos on tissue paper and there is no mess at all. I've got it on video if you are interested.

Dog with a surprise for you.

Another nice garden.

Guchan the friendly pig.

Safety house sign.

Pianist in the making?

Daiei store is extremely interesting. Downstairs in B1 they have the electronics store and heaps of arcade games for kids - you have to pay, of course. For the adults there are some gambling machines. The flash memory for cameras is a little more expensive then BIC Central (Big Camera House). Upstairs on 1 Floor they have the Nishi Nippon City Bank.

Arcade games in the department store. Keeps the kids busy I guess and keeps the money ticking over for the store.

Obviously the government sanctions gambling in this country wherever it takes place. This was downstairs in a department store. I only found out later that no photos were allowed to be taken inside the entire building.

Do-it-yourself bus fares.

Electricians aren't too tidy in Japan.

Vending machine for kids' toys. We bought one of these.

Funny shop names - BOOK OFF and CIAOPANIC.

Sale sign at Suzutan - Members thanks sale.

Japanese use little machines, i.e. diggers etc, for their works as the city is quite developed whereas the Koreans use heavy earthmoving equipment as they have massive projects. I've taken over 600 photos so far [Editor's Note - we've noticed!]. Mini skirts and knee-high boots are definitely the fashion in Japan. Japanese girls with too high high heels walk around like The Thunderbirds.

We spent the day shopping in Canal City. Miky went her way and Yu-Jin and I went to the Sega shop. Found some cheap shoes on sale at another store. After lunch at a sushi restaurant, felt like being back at Jaws Sushi in Perth, we did a little more window shopping before catching a bus to Hakata Station. Bought some cheap, open-ended return tickets to Nagasaki. Mariko told us that the normal tickets were just over 9000 Yen but we could get two adult return tickets for 10000 Yen. What a bargain. It's good to have friends. Uneventful but comfortable train ride. Rang our friends in Nagasaki, Sachie and Ryuji, once we arrived. Before Ryuji collected us we bought some biscuits and castella cake, this region is famous for it, as omiyage, to go along with the present I had brought from Australia.

Another couple taking wedding photos in Canal City Fukuoka.


Toilet sign. These things were neverending.

Our train to Nagasaki.

Ryuji picked us up in his BMW. Nice. Sachie prepared a lovely tea and we had so much to talk about. Yu-Jin just wanted to talk about the arcade games at the Sega shop. Sachie put on a "Beauty and the Beast" video to shut him up for a couple of hour and allowed the adults to talk. Brilliant move.

Book the cat. Yu-Jin's favourite thing from Nagasaki.

Miky and Yu-Jin went to bed around 10 pm and Ryuji, Sachie and I talked until after 12 and watched the pictures I had taken so far as a slideshow. We made a few backups of the pictures just to be sure. I did some blogging and checked emails until 1 am.

I kept bumping into the light in the bedroom. Really, I'm not that tall. The upstairs toilet is cool as it has a wash basin which fills the toilet after being flushed.

Very cool and sensible toilet. Why don't we have these in our country?

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