Saturday, December 10, 2005

Hammy's 2005 Trip To Korea And Japan - Nov 17th

Played golf at Collier Park with Mick, an 80 year old army veteran. He fought in New Guinea, Korea, Vietnam and served in Japan. Had schrapnel removed from his knee two years ago that he got in '44. Been an army man all his life. I shot a 44 and a 43 on the par 71 Island/Lakes layout - my best score ever on a fully rated course (87 on a 71 ACR - 16 over). Home in time to wash the dishes, clean the house, bring the washing in, have a shower, have lunch and watch the West Indies collapse in the cricket against Australia.

Travel frugally.

My bags and the taxi.

Bashir was my taxi driver for the trip to the airport. He's from Afghanistan and was sponsored by the United Nations to come to Australia. His previous job was that of a journalist. Last year he bought his taxi and has done 120000 km already. I did that in 11 years with my Corolla! Taxi set me back $24.40.

Less than two minutes wait to get served at check-in. Had to wait 10 mins to get checked-in as there was some problem with entering my passport details. Fortunately I wasn't carrying any of those deadly weapons known as nail files in my carry-on lugguage. Hope the flies don't have tickets coz they can bloody well stay in Perth!

My plane to Malaysia.

Flight MH124 had 17 staff plus pilot and co-pilot. You are greeted by the lovely hostesses upon boarding. As you move further down the plane's fuselage to your seat in cattle-class, the hosties become less attractive. Bit like getting drunk in reverse.

Canning Vale area of Perth.

Mt Henry Bridge.


Air sickness bag insciption - BEG MABUK UDARA
Why is it specially produced? Do travellers on Malaysia Airlines required a specialised sick bag?

Strange to see beer, Fosters, served in plastic cups. There is something not right about that. Interesting that tampons, nappies, cups, paper towels and razors (thought these were prohibited in carry-on luggage?!) are encouraged to be dispose of in the toilet bin.

Message from the pilot just prior to landing - "Please be aware that the importation of drugs is a very serious offence that carries a manadatory death penalty." The warning is a bit late if you already have them in your luggage, mate.

Can anyone tell me why it is important to have the windows up when coming in to land?

If the plane comes to rest in the sea is it called a "seaing"? Can't be a landing.

It always amuses me how passengers attempt to desert a landed plane like rats from a sinking ship. One of the low points of civilisation. What is the hurry?

Nice tactic so that people don't try to sleep in Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) as they constantly repeat "Nothing's gonna change my love for you" by Glen Medeiros - our wedding song.

Muslim toilet paper - KLIA.

Just before midnight I realised that the bank at the airport in Korea wouldn't be open until probably 9/9:30. Needing to depart as soon as possible I looked for an exchange service at KLIA, which I had done earlier, and ended up having to ask for assistance. The layout of the terminal is a bit confusing. Lots of people were waiting and it took a while to get served. Interestingly the guy tied to talk me out of the exchange as I would need to change to Ringgits before changing to Won and he wanted to save me the extra exchange fee. Touching. Had no choice really.

On the tarmac at KLIA we were parked next to the new Airbus A380! What a huge beast.


Hammysmum said...

Where is the Mt. Henry bridge situated?

Hammy said...

Mt Henry Bridge is just south of Perth. About 10kms west of our place.

Hammysmum said...

Thank you.Have we been over it?

Hammy said...

Quite possibly.