Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Spirit Of Christmas Is Still Alive

Yu-Jin is still captivated with Christmas. He was more than happy to visit Santa, tell him what he would like for Christmas and to have his photo taken. I was pleased when he only asked for one toy from Santa. Not that Santa knew what a Rahkshi, like a Bionicle, was. We wandered over to Toys 'R Us afterwards and found something that he liked and he desperately wanted to see Santa again to tell him what it was.

The week leading up to Christmas is not so bad for his behaviour as I tell him that I have Santa's mobile phone number and can call him to say not to bother to come to our house if he has been bad. I know, I'm terrible.

I was locking the door just before bedtime and Yu-Jin wanted to know how was Santa going to get in? We don't have a chimney you see. So I had to explain that Santa has a set of keys as he is a good guy and we can trust him.

Yu-Jin left chocolate biscuits and milk for Santa (why did I just type milf?) and he was very happy to get a thank you note from Santa about how chocolate biscuits were his favourite, etc). Santa did enjoy the snack, take it from me.

He was quite surprised that although Santa hadn't known what he wanted for Christmas he managed to deliver exactly what was asked for.

On Christmas morning Yu-Jin was up early to open his presents. The second time he got up and asked to open them, at 20 to 6, I said that he could open one and he opened the smallest one - strange kid!

We had a very mild day with the unusual temperature of 26.7 degrees C. It's normally around 35 degrees C. BBQ lunch with prawns, squid, chevups, sausages, onion, carrot, chicken kebabs and garlic along with smoked salmon, olives, lettuce and sundried tomatoes and a cheese platter and potato salad. I'm telling you, it went down a treat. I didn't even have breakfast and, not that I ate a lot, there wasn't much need for tea later on.

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Hammysmum said...

Loverly pic of the 'young' feller! Yu-Jin looks good, too. Sounds as though you had enough food for a couple of days.