Wednesday, October 20, 2004


That got your attention, didn't it? Great word for the day. I rang my good friend, Grooks, last night and during the conversation he informed me that woodpeckers have tongues that go around their brains and end up behind their eyes.

So I did a Google search this morning. I found out that the tongue of a woodpecker is three times the size of it's beak and has to be stored somewhere. Other info gleaned said that the brain was hard up against the skull so as not to get damaged.

Then I came across that brilliant word, zygodactyl. For those of you who haven't done a Google search yet to discover its meaning, it means a bird with two toes pointing forwards and two toes pointing backwards. Great for wrapping around tree trunks and hanging on. Woodpeckers and parrots are the best known species to have this trait.

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