Wednesday, October 06, 2004

When Is A Hoon Not A Hoon?

We have anti-hoon laws now in Western Australia. What is a hoon I hear you ask? Here is a definition, somewhere on the page.

Basically an idiot doing idiot things. In the case of Western Australia, the anti-hoon laws mean that an idiot's car will be confiscated. The first ocassion that they are found to be hooning they lose the car for two days, next time is for up to three months and the third time is for good. Article outlining the details.

Back to my question, when is a hoon not a hoon? Some guy got caught doing 184 km/h in a 110km/h zone and didn't have his car confiscated. He was certainly hooning (travelling rapidly, not idiotly) along but wasn't classified as a hoon. I think the definition needs to be tidied up a little bit.

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