Thursday, October 07, 2004

Yu-Jin's Hearing

Something quite noticeable and disturbing over the weekend. Yu-Jin's hearing was terrible. We would call him or talk next to him and he couldn't hear us. I got a bit upset because I thought that he wasn't paying attention. Then when he started asking, "What did you say daddy?" and "You'll have to say it louder" in such a pleasant manner we realised that he had a hearing problem.

Miky then tested him by talking to him from the other side of the room. I could hear quite clearly but he didn't notice. Of course this worried Miky enormously. She had cleaned his ears on Saturday and for the first time in his life he didn't complain about it hurting. In fact, he said, "You can keep cleaning my ears mummy. It doesn't hurt." She stopped immediately.

Miky couldn't get a doctor's appointment on Tuesday and so had to worry until Wednesday. The doctor said that he had a slight infection in the left ear and gave him some antibiotics. He wants to see Yu-Jin in a week and will make a decision if he requires a hearing test or not. Miky is going to do it anyway.

Nothing is more precious than the health of your kid.

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