Sunday, October 24, 2004

Been A Bit Busy Lately

Warning - The following blog contains, if I remember, discussion about medical procedures, blood and yuck.

Been quite busy of late. There is a huge pile of woodchips across the road where the council cut down three or four trees and then pulped them. I finally got around to ringing the council for permission to grab some woodchips as they would look great in my garden. The guy said to get them before everyone else does.

So that night we all went across the road and filled up the wheelbarrow. Mozzies started attacking us as it was dusk and that called for the repellent. That stuff works like magic. We ended up with seven barrow loads.

Next morning, bright and very early, I grabbed another eight loads. In total that's pretty much a tralier load. On Friday morning I went a bit sick and grabbed 15 loads. Took me an hour and eight minutes for you fans of statistics out there. My back is killing me now.

It reminded me of when I was young and we used to get underneath the sheep yards and collected sheep poo. The smell wasn't quite the same but it brought back some happy memories anyway.

That's why I haven't blogged lately.

Dentist Revisited

Had to get some more teeth worked on yesterday. Two more injections necessary to knock off the pain. Big job this time. The dentist left only the four corner pieces on one tooth and removed all of the internal part, which was a large filling, and then constructed a piece to fit into it. And then proceeded to drop it down my throat. Luckily I didn't swallow it as they take 10-15 mins to make each time.

Yu-Jin has some major work done too. His two teeth at the rear on top were both very badly decayed. He had an injection on each side this time. No injection two weeks ago. Man, his teeth look so much better. He was on my chest the whole time and behaved himself very well, although he cried pretty much throughout.

After he finshed, Yu-Jin lay down on the floor and went to sleep. I couldn't see him and wondered why it was so quiet. The dental assistant put a cushion underneath him.

Following my work I was due for a clean. I can't believe how much plaque was on my teeth. The dental hygienist got this large pick like instrument and really scraped my teeth and cleaned just under the gums. Bit of blood was evident and then she flossed my teeth also. More blood and more gunk. What a job. I hope she gets paid well. I know that I was paying well for it!

Now I have no more grey/black fillings in the bottom of my mouth. And no money left in my wallet!

My teeth feel great now. I promised to take Yu-Jin to McDonalds but he just wanted to go home and sleep as he didn't feel very well. After a few hours sleep, me included, we went to McDonalds. Straight afterwards we had tea - it was getting late and none of us had had lunch.

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