Thursday, October 07, 2004

Golf On The Weekend

I had a hit of golf on the long weekend (Queen's Birthday holiday - it's funny that Australians get a holiday for the Queen of England's birthday, celebrated at different times mind you, and the British do not) just passed. And I played with none other than the state manager of Toyota. Ok, his group was one short and so I joined them.

The four of us played very poorly, no-one broke 100, and the conditions were perfect. Considering that I parred the second hole I was very disappointed in my game. It was looking good. After having played a few years without losing a ball (alright, only a couple of games a year) I ended up losing three. What was funny though was on the ninth the manager knocked his ball somewhere near the pond and I found seven balls within two metres and his son found five balls within the same distance. And none of them was the ball that we were looking for. Also found some money on that hole. All HK20 cents of it.

I shot the best score on the front nine and the worst on the back nine to finish in second position. Couldn't believe that it took five and a half hours for a round. That's disgraceful and shows somewhat how badly we played.

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