Sunday, October 10, 2004

Off To The Dentist

I took Yu-Jin with me yesterday when I visited the dentist. I couldn't remember if he had an appointment or not. Some major dental work was necessary on my teeth yesterday.

Yu-Jin had a couple of books and two Ninja Turtles to keep him busy but he had plenty of questions for the dentist, who was happy to answer them. Yu-Jin even helped clean up and was nearly offered a job. Wish he was like that at home.

Many of my teeth have developed cracks along the top and could split open in the fullness of time. This necessitated the grinding out of the teeth tops and plugging them with a constructed piece, not porcelain, but very strong. The dentist had a machine the make the inlay tooth which hammered away for about 10 minutes each time. They dropped one in my mouth, I had two done, and I was very lucky not to swallow it. The computer graphics that they designed it with were fabulous. Yu-Jin thought that it was very interesting on the computer where the teeth were designed. Initially they took photos of the teeth and then shaped the constructed piece to fit appropriately. Cool.

I had to have one injection for the bottom teeth but two for the top teeth. I felt like a had cerebral palsy for about the next three hours.

After an hour an a half Yu-Jin wanted to know when it was going to be his turn. About two minutes later was the answer. Baby teeth don't have roots like adult teeth so injections aren't necessary. It hurt a little bit but he soldiered on.

I may have paid by credit card but it still made the wallet a lot lighter!

We journeyed into the city and Yu-Jin had a haircut before we shared a milkshake.

Ah, yes. Had to vote yesterday. I wandered off to the Wilson Primary School and found it deserted. Stumbled onto the voting booth as I hadn't seen its whereabouts listed anywhere. Cast my protest vote against the Liberals, by putting them second (they have done a fabulous job with the economy) and the Labor Party first (first time in my life) as they had some great ideas.

I guess I shouldn't have been surprised that the Liberals won the election as who is going to vote out a government looking after the economy but I was shocked at the size of the swing towards the government.

If Peter Costello, or Phillip Ruddock, were leading the Liberals I would have voted for them initially. Don't worry, Costello will be the Prime Minister in about 12 months time.

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