Monday, October 11, 2004

I've Found Something Worse...

...Than changing the oil filter on an EF Falcon. It's changing the oil filter on a bloody '86 Laser. What a bitch of a job.

I put the car up on some ramps, which turned out to be a very wise move, and then drained the oil. Locating the oil filter itself was a bit problematic as it was hidden behind the engine and underneath the air filter.

It was only possible to get one hand onto the filter and I couldn't turn it. Grabbed my oil filter clamp and the cabling for the alternator was in the way. Disconnected the alternator. There was some vacuum filter or something that had to be disconnected too. Oil filter clamp still couldn't get a grip as it was too limited for space. Couldn't even budge the oil filter with a towel wrapped around it and the oil filter clamp from underneath the car. By this stage I put my overalls on.

Yu-Jin was very helpful throughout the ordeal. He fetched my hammer and screwdriver and laughed at me ocassionally. I know when I was a kid having my dad talk to me about cars put me to sleep. Yu-Jin even put oil on the new filter and grabbed a plastic bottle for me to pour the new oil in with.

I ended up having to knock the screwdriver through the filter and turn it by hitting it with the hammer, on three ocassions before it was loose enough to undo by hand. Not too difficult to put it back on by hand.

Bloody glad that job was completed.

Disclaimer: This blog has had foul language edited to make it more suitable for the target audience. My apologies for any inconvenience this has caused. Stinkin' bloody cars.

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